ProposeTranslationExtension panel

ProposeTranslationExtension is a extension for LiveRC . It permit to propose a translation for LiveRC interface texts in a new language.


ProposeTranslationExtension is available in (Un)install extensions tab of the LiveRC config panel. Once installed, it provides a new button at the top-left of the interface. This button permit to show/hide the Extension form (see picture).

Form descriptionModifier

Main controlsModifier

ProposeTranslationExtension panel : main controls.
  • 1 : Selector the reference language wich you want to translate from
  • 2 : Selector for the language wich you want to define translations
  • 3 : Page title where the translation will be stored ($LANG$ will be replaced by the langcode from the selector 2).
  • 4 : Check this checkbox to save all translations available in the selected language and not only those you have defined
  • 5 : Check this box to show only missing translations or translations identicals to the reference text. A language must be selected through the lang selector.
  • 6 : Tabs : permit to swith from a variable list to another
  • 7 : Button for saving (store the translations) or cancelling (close the translation form)
  • 8 : Translation form for a text (see details in next chapter).

Texts translationModifier

ProposeTranslationExtension panel : texts translation.
  • 1 : Name of the text variable.
  • 2 : Available translations for the currently loaded languages.
  • 3 : Input field for the translation in the language selected through the language selector 2.