Script Description
ProposeTranslationExtension.js Add a form to propose a translation of the interface text.
InstallAndConfigLiveRCExtension.js Provide an interface for the global LiveRC configuration.
UserWarningsExtension.js Add an icon to user that have received a warning. Optionnal: show if the user talk page exists.
LinkOnIconExtension.js Link AfD, FA, GA and copyvio icons to the corresponding talk page.
LinkOnLanglinkCountExtension.js Link langlinks count to the wikidata item (when existing).
EditCharactersExtension.js Add Common.js edit mode functions to the preview window (toolbar and special characters).
ToolbarExtension.js Add a toolbar when editing a page.
RunCommonJS.js Add Common.js functions to the prewiew window (navbox, etc...).
HotCatsMulti.js Permit to add/modify/remove one or several categories while previewing a page.
BandeauPortail.js Permit to add/modify/remove one or several Portal template while previewing a page
MostModifiedPagesExtension.js Add an icon to pages recently modified by several users or with several reverts.
PreviewThisPageExtension.js Permit to preview any page you want.
CategoryRCExtension.js Permit to watch only pages that belong to one or more categories.
PreviewAllLinksExtension.js Permit to preview all links in the preview window
DiffExtension.js Provide LiveRC automatic functions in "normal" diff pages.
Permit to add complex templates with parameters
AskForRevisionDeleteFromHistExtension Add checkboxes and button in history for revision deletion request.