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L'opération Brother Sam est le nom d'une opération de la CIA et de la marine militaire américaine en marge du coup d'État du 1er avril 1964, qui amorça la dictature militaire au Brésil [1],[2] .

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  1. (en) « The National Security Archive - Brazil Marks 50th Anniversary of Military Coup » (consulté le 12 avril 2015)
  2. (en) « US Department of State - Office of the Historian - FOREIGN RELATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES, 1964–1968 VOLUME XXXI, SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA; MEXICO, DOCUMENT 198 - Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Brazil » (consulté le 16 avril 2015) For your personal information only, the following decisions have been taken in order be in a position to render assistance at appropriate time to anti-Goulart forces if it is decided this should be done. 1. Dispatch of US Navy tankers bearing POL from Aruba, first tanker expected off Santos between April 8 and 13; following three tankers at one day intervals.2 2. Immediate dispatch of naval task force for overt exercises off Brazil. Force to consist of aircraft carrier (expected arrive in area by April 10), four destroyers, two destroyer escorts, task force tankers (all expected arrive about four days later).3 3. Assemble shipment of about 110 tons ammunition, other light equipment including tear gas4 for mob control for air lift to Sao Paulo (Campinas). Lift would be made within 24 to 36 hours upon issuance final orders and would involve 10 cargo planes,5 6 tankers, and 6 fighters. Unloading of POL by US Navy tankers (item 1) and dispatch of airlift (item 3) would require further development politico-military situation to point where some group having reasonable claim to legitimacy could formally request recognition and aid from us and if possible from other American Republics. Dispatch of tankers from Aruba and of naval task force does not immediately involve us in Brazilian situation and is regarded by us as normal naval exercise.