Grand Prix de Zurich 1992

La 77e édition du Championnat de Zurich a lieu le . Remportée par le Russe Viatcheslav Ekimov, de l'équipe Panasonic-Sportlife, elle est la huitième épreuve de la Coupe du monde.

Championnat de Zurich 1992
77e Grand Prix de Zurich
240 km
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Lance Armstrong, a Texan rookie at the time riding for Motorola Team, which he joined a few months ago, demonstrated his natural gifts and class in this race. Though he finished second behind the Russian Viatcheslav Ekimov (who will be an essential teammate in US Postal for the years to come), then a Panasonic rider, a very famous Dutch team in those years, which had numerous, top-notch riders such as Germany sprinter come from the East; all in all, Panasonic, which would continue its victory spree under the new sponsor Buckler, an unalchoolic beer which was very new at the time. Another very successful streak was Armstrong’s, and one can say it started that day. Or, more accurately, in the preceding weekend at Clasica San Sebastián, where an exhausted and burnt to the bone neo-pro took last place, barely breathing after he joined the finishing line. One year later in Oslo, Lance Armstrong won a flooded, dantesque World championship. In those years, says he, he wouldn’t use performance enhancing drugs, since this wasn’t not until a few months that he decided to do EPO — as he considered retiring due to the incredible, amazing pace of a hyper oxygenated peloton. He finally undertook a “very conservative” (sic) doping program under the Italian sorcerer Dr Ferrari. That’s the way this “fat” rider, who had gained much muscle weight as a competitive and successful triathlon contender, managed to gain un unprecedented 7 Tour de France consecutive series, from 1999 to 2005. A thorough investigation via a US antidoping governmental agency led tho Armstrong demise, being stripped pf ALL his victories and trophies for the 1999-2005 period where he confessed to doping in Oprah Winfrey show.

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Classement de la course[1]
Pos. Cycliste Équipe Temps
1   Viatcheslav Ekimov Panasonic-Sportlife h 0 min 1 s
2   Lance Armstrong Motorola +15 s
3   Jan Nevens Lotto-Mavic-MBK m.t.
4   Guido Bontempi Carrera-Vagabond + 35 s
5   Bruno Leali Mercatone Uno-Medeghini m.t.
6   Marc Madiot Telekom m.t.
7   Martin Earley PDM-Concorde + m.t.
8   Laurent Jalabert Once + 59 s
9   Adri van der Poel Tulip Computers m.t.
10   Scott Sunderland TVM-Sanyo m.t.

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