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Adventure Time wikiModifier

(déplacé depuis un commentaire sur l'article lui-même)

Excuse me to use English. Do not add http://adventuretime.wikia.com to "Liens externes". It is operated by fans and not official.— Le message qui précède, non signé, a été déposé par l'IP (discuter)
It may not be official, but it seems to be a complete, useful and pertinent resource about the subject. — Nicolas 27 octobre 2011 à 02:37 (CEST)

Miss Rainicorn en VFModifier

Just watched French version today and I want to fix something. (I found some of Lady Rainicorn's dialogues in English version are retained in some episodes.) Unfortunately, my French is too short. So, can anyone fix Miss Rainicorn's description to something like this?

(VF: Voiced by Julie Basecqz in some part, oterwise Niki Yang) (d) 21 mars 2012 à 16:44 (CET)

Thanks. I tried to render this with one word only ('VF partielle'). I think it's comprehensible, otherwise we'll write something longer. By the way, I never seen the French version: why is Rainicorn ever dubbed in the first place? Which language do she seems to speak in the Julie Basecqz's parts? — Nicolas 21 mars 2012 à 20:54 (CET)
Not any kind of human language, I think. If you want French version (and if you have a Google account), you'd better ask a YouTube user named "Cartoonfrench35" for help. (S/he doesn't have all, though)
This page says Julie Basecqz and Alexandra Corréa were Direction Artistique. (Interestingly, the two played Rarity (a unicorn) and Spike (a boy dragon who has love interest on the former), respectively, in My Little Pony Les amies c'est Magique !) Ms. Basecqz's website says her e-mail address is info(a)juliebasecqz(point)com , but I'm not sure if this address is working and her English is fluent or not. So, I want you to ask her about French version of Adventure Time (and My Little Pony/Mon petit poney - both FIM and pre-2010 cartoons if she was involved in the latter).
Apparently, Niki Yang (played Lady Rainicorn, BMO and one of two nymphs in "Power Animal"/«De l'énergie à revendre», en VO. Was a writer/storyboard artist for season 1) has a Facebook account. You may ask her everything about her involvement in the series.
And finally, can you make requests to following sites for correction? : AnimeLand, Planète Jeunesse and here. (d) 24 mars 2012 à 12:06 (CET)


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