• November 2014: first idea of a MOOC about Wikipedia
  • June 2015: first online meeting, creation of the working group
  • July to August 2015: draft of the detailed plan and the teaching objectives; research of an hosting platform and a video provider
  • September to December 2015: courses writing (scripts for videos and text version), time consuming; research of an hosting platform and a video provider
  • November 2015: screencast filming (with OBS), trailer shooting (1 min. 45) with the video provider (in Paris)
  • December 2015: communication; facecam filming with the video provider (in Paris); assessment design (quiz...)
    • 14th december: WikiMOOC registration opening
    • End of december: beginning of the contents' integration on the platform FUN (including taking the screenshots for the text version of the courses), time consuming
  • January to February 2016: integration on FUN ; Wikipedia technical preparation (creation of a bot, of the Wikipédia:WikiMOOC page...)
    • 25th January to 14th February: beta-test of weeks 1 to 3
    • 22th February: opening of the WikiMOOC
  • 27th March 2016: end of WikiMOOC