Filmographie de D. W. Griffith

Cet article présente la filmographie complète du cinéaste américain D. W. Griffith (en tant que réalisateur, scénariste et acteur), dont la carrière a débuté en 1908 durant l'ère du muet.

Riche de près de 500 films, elle a été établie à l'occasion de la rétrospective qui lui a été consacrée par Patrick Brion du au au Centre national d'art et de culture Georges-Pompidou.

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  • In Old California
  • The Rocky Road
  • The Dancing Girl of Butte
  • Her Terrible Ordeal
  • On the Reef
  • The Call
  • The Honor of His Family
  • The Last Deal
  • The Cloister's Touch
  • The Woman from Mellon's
  • The Course of True Love
  • The Duke's Plan
  • One Night and Then
  • The Englishman and the Girl
  • His Last Burglary
  • Taming a Husband
  • The Final Settlement
  • The Newlyweds
  • Les Liens du destin (The Thread of Destiny)
  • The Man
  • The Converts
  • Faithful
  • The Twisted Trail
  • Gold Is Not All
  • The Smoker
  • His Last Dollar
  • The Two Brothers
  • As It Is in Life
  • A Rich Revenge
  • A Romance of the Western Hills
  • Thou Shalt Not
  • The Tenderfoot's Triumph
  • The Way of the World
  • Up a Tree
  • The Gold Seekers
  • The Unchanging Sea
  • Love Among the Roses
  • Over Silent Paths
  • An Affair of Hearts
  • Ramona
  • A Knot in the Plot
  • The Impalement
  • In the Season of Buds
  • The Purgation
  • A Child of the Ghetto
  • A Victim of Jealousy
  • In the Border States
  • The Face at the Window
  • Never Again
  • May and December
  • The Marked Time-Table
  • A Child's Impulse
  • Muggsy's First Sweetheart
  • A Midnight Cupid
  • What the Daisy Said
  • A Child's Faith
  • A Flash of Light (en)
  • Serious Sixteen
  • As the Bells Rang Out!
  • The Call to Arms
  • Unexpected Help
  • An Arcadian Maid
  • Her Father's Pride
  • Derrière les volets clos (The House with Closed Shutters)
  • A Salutary Lesson
  • The Usurer (L'usurier)
  • An Old Story with a New Ending
  • The Sorrows of the Unfaithful
  • Wilful Peggy
  • The Modern Prodigal
  • The Affair of an Egg
  • A Summer Idyll
  • Little Angels of Luck
  • A Mohawk's Way
  • In Life's Cycle
  • A Summer Tragedy
  • The Oath and the Man
  • Rose O'Salem Town
  • Examination Day at School
  • The Iconoclast
  • That Chink at Golden Gulch
  • The Broken Doll
  • The Banker's Daughters
  • The Message of the Violin
  • Two Little Waifs
  • Waiter No. 5
  • Le Fugitif (The Fugitive)
  • Simple Charity
  • Sunshine Sue
  • The Song of the Wildwood Flute
  • His New Lid
  • A Plain Song
  • A Child's Stratagem
  • The Golden Supper
  • His Sister-In-Law
  • The Lesson
  • White Roses
  • Winning Back His Love




  • Mother Love
  • La Jeune Téléphoniste et la Femme du monde
  • An Adventure in the Autumn Woods
  • The Tender Hearted Boy
  • A Misappropriated Turkey
  • Brothers
  • Oil and Water
  • Drink's Lure
  • A Chance Deception
  • Love in an Apartment Hotel
  • Broken Ways
  • A Girl's Stratagem
  • The Unwelcome Guest
  • Near to Earth
  • Fate
  • A Welcome Intruder
  • The Sheriff's Baby
  • The Hero of Little Italy
  • The Perfidy of Mary
  • The Little Tease
  • A Misunderstood Boy
  • The Left-Handed Man
  • The Lady and the Mouse
  • If We Only Knew
  • Le Vagabond (The Wanderer)
  • The Stolen Loaf
  • The House of Darkness
  • The Yaqui Cur
  • Just Gold
  • His Mother's Son
  • The Ranchero's Revenge
  • A Timely Interception
  • Death's Marathon
  • The Mothering Heart
  • Her Mother's Oath
  • The Sorrowful Shore
  • The Reformers; or, The Lost Art of Minding One's Business
  • The Enemy's Baby
  • The Mistake
  • The Coming of Angelo
  • Two Men of the Desert
  • The Adopted Brother
  • Madonna of the Storm
  • Pendant la bataille (The Battle at Elderbush Gulch)
  • The Conscience of Hassan Bey




  • Intolérance (Intolerance : Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages)
  • A Day with Governor Whitman



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Note : Sauf mention contraire, les films ont été réalisés par D. W. Griffith.

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