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As a large number of predictions have been proposed, the National Energy Technology Laboratory published a useful summary of them, keeping only the most prominent, and set them in three groups, along with their prediction periods :

Peak predictions before 2010
Name Quality Date
Pickens, T. Boone Oil & gas investor 2005
Deffeyes, K. Retired professor & geologist December 2005
Westervelt, E.T. et al. US Army Corps of Engineers At hand
Bakhtiari, S. Iranian National Oil Co. planner Now
Herrera, R. Retired BP geologist Close or past
Groppe, H. Oil / gas expert & businessman Very soon
Wrobel, S. Investment fund manager By 2010
Bentley, R. University energy analyst Around 2010
Campbell, C. Retired oil company geologist 2010
Skrebowski, C. Editor of Petroleum Review 2010 +/- a year

  • before 2010 :

Peak predictions between 2010 and 2020
Name Quality Date
Meling, L.M. Statoil oil company geologist around 2011
Pang, X., et al. China University of Petroleum Around 2012
Koppelaar, R.H.E.M. Dutch oil analyst Around 2012
Volvo Trucks Within a decade
de Margerie, C. Oil company executive Within a decade
al Husseini, S. Retired Exec. VP of Saudi Aramco 2015
Merrill Lynch Brokerage / Fin. Around 2015
West, J.R. PFC Energy29 (Consultants) 2015-2020
Maxwell, C.T. Weeden & Co.30 (Brokerage / Financial) Around 2020 or earlier
Wood Mackenzie Energy consulting Tight balance by 2020
Total French oil company Around 2020

  • between 2010 and 2020 :

Peak predictions after 2020
Name Quality Date
UBS Brokerage / Financial Mid to late 2020s
CERA Energy consulting Well after 2030
CERA Energy consulting "Peak oil theory is garbage”
ExxonMobil Oil company No sign of peaking
Browne, J. BP CEO Impossible to predict
OPEC Deny peak oil theory
  • after 2020 :