Metal=Life est une compilation de chansons de groupes de heavy metal sorti chez les labels Hopeless Records et Sub City Records en 2005.


Compilation de Artistes variées
Sortie 2005
Enregistré 2005
Genre Heavy metal
Label Hopeless Records
Sub City Records

Albums de Artistes variées

Cette compilation contient 2 CD et 1 DVD rempli de clips vidéo d'artistes divers.

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  1. As I Lay DyingConfined
  2. Between the Buried and MeAlaska
  3. Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions
  4. Horse the BandBirdo
  5. Yesterdays RisingMy Body Is Like A Metaphor
  6. ChiodosOne Day Women Will Become Monsters
  7. UnderoathI Don't Feel Very Receptive Today
  8. Day Of ContemptThe Ghost of Tragedy
  9. Bullet for My Valentine4 Words (To Choke Upon)
  10. Stretch ArmstrongThe Sound of Names Dropping
  11. Nodes of RanvierGlass Half Nothing
  12. MadballHeavenhell
  13. Vena AMoriLady Huskies Are One Man Short
  14. Haste the DayWhen Everything Falls
  15. DiecastRise and Oppose
  16. CrisisBlood Burden
  17. Into the MoatDead Before I Stray

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  1. A Perfect MurderBody and Blood
  2. Versus the MirrorBoy Gets What He Wants
  3. The BannerVenom and Hope
  4. The AbsenceNecropolis
  5. Heaven Shall BurnThe Only Truth
  6. Inked in BloodThese Sonnets of Our Lives
  7. Most Precious BloodShark Ethic
  8. Break the SilenceComfort in Cold Blood
  9. Giving ChaseSimple Self
  10. Between the Buried and MeThe God Awful Truth
  11. Fight ParisComplete Heat
  12. He Is LegendI Am Hollywood
  13. Thine Eyes BleedCold Victim
  14. High On FireDevilution
  15. The Number Twelve Looks Like YouClarissa Explains Cuntainment
  16. Breather ResistMidas in Reverse


  1. As I Lay DyingConfined
  2. Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions
  3. A Perfect MurderBody and Blood
  4. Horse the BandOne Day Women Will Become Monsters
  5. UnderoathIt's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door""
  6. Stretch ArmstrongThe Sound of Names Dropping
  7. Giving ChaseSimple Self
  8. Between the Buried and MeShould Have Stayed in the Shallows
  9. Fight ParisComplete Heat
  10. He Is LegendThe Seduction
  11. Haste the DayWhen Everything Falls
  12. DiecastRise And Oppose
  13. MadballHeavenhell
  14. Thine Eyes BleedCold Victim
  15. Nodes Of RanvierGlass Half Nothing
  16. The Dillinger Escape PlanUnretrofied
  17. Into The MoatDead Before I Stray

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