Homecoming in Heaven

album de George Jones

Homecoming in Heaven

Album de George Jones
Sortie 1962
Durée 26:05
Genre Country, gospel
Producteur Pappy Daily
Label United Artists Records

Albums de George Jones

Homecoming in Heaven est un album de l'artiste américain de musique country George Jones. Cet album est sorti en 1962 sur le label United Artists Records.

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No TitreAuteur Durée
1. Someone's Watching over YouJ. P. Richardson 2:27
2. He Made Me FreeDarrell Edwards 2:39
3. Beacon in the NightDarrell Edwards, Herbie Treece 1:52
4. Matthew Twenty-FourGlosson 2:18
5. Peace in the ValleyThomas A. Dorsey 2:41
6. Wings of a DoveBob Ferguson 2:04
7. Wandering SoulBill Dudley, George Jones 2:28
8. He's So Good to Me 2:01
9. Magic ValleyM. Moore, J. P. Richardson 2:19
10. Kneel at the Feet of JesusWillie Nelson 2:03
11. Homecoming in HeavenWalt Breeland, Paul Buskirk, Dobie Gray, Willie Nelson 2:31
12. My Cup Runneth OverEdwards 2:42