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Bistro des non-francophones - Forum voor mensen die geen Frans spreken

Deze pagina is bedoeld voor mensen die geen Frans spreken om te discussiëren over zaken gerelateerd aan de Franstalige wikipedia, daarnaast kunt u hier terecht voor hulp. Berichten kunnen worden geplaatst in elke taal, maar Engels- of Franstalige berichten zullen het snelst worden beantwoord, omdat er relatief weinig gebruikers zijn die vloeiend andere talen dan Frans of Engels spreken.

Het aantal artikelen in de Franstalige Wikipedia is nu 2 434 023.

In het kort:

  • U kunt hier vragen over de Franstalige Wikimedia projecten stellen;
  • U kunt hier vragen over de Franse en Franstalige taal en culturen stellen;
  • U kunt hier vragen over de MediaWiki software stellen;
  • Adviezen en suggesties voor en over de Franstalige Wikipedia zijn welkom;
  • Berichten kunnen worden geplaatst in elke taal, maar Engels- of Franstalige berichten zullen het snelst worden beantwoord;
  • Bot-verzoeken kunnen op Wikipédia:Bot/Statut geplaatst worden, liefst in het Frans of Engels.

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Régime de Vichy; Marcel Dalio; propaganda posters;Modifier

Régime de Vichy used Marcel Dalio's image to depict the stereotypical Jew on propaganda posters. Where are the posters?

.... 0mtwb9gd5wx (discuter) 20 septembre 2021 à 00:01 (CEST)

Campaigns Ambassador Contractor Opening For African French, Arabic And Swahili SpeakersModifier


The Campaigns Team at the Wikimedia Foundation is excited to announce that it seeks a Campaigns Ambassador with experience working in the French, Arabic or Swahili Wikipedia communities in Africa.

The campaign ambassador will work with our product and programs team in providing support and advising to campaign organizers and improve the campaign organizing journey. The Campaigns Ambassador will be supporting the rollout of tools and features to support campaign organizers, in the communities we are building for.

Kindly confirm further details and requirements about the role in the attached job description. All interested applicants should submit a copy of their curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter via email to and copy by 28th November 2021.

If you have any further questions about the role kindly contact

Thank you.



Why Crash de l'A320 de Germanwings instead of " Vol Germanwings 9525"?Modifier

I understand, of course, that the common name for many aviation disasters is different from the flight number. But I am quite surprised to see this crash referred to in this manner. In French-language media, is this the common nomenclature over using the flight number? Thanks in advance. MSG17 (discuter) 10 novembre 2021 à 14:40 (CET)

Hello, the article has been renamed several times : Vol 9525 Germanwings - Écrasement du vol Germanwings 9525 - Crash de la Germanwings - Écrasement du Vol Germanwings 9525 - Crash de la Germanwings (translation => Germanwings Flight 9525 - Crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 - Crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 - Crash of Germanwings).
The current name results from this discussion => [1] =>   Sg7438 discuter, c'est ici ! 10 novembre 2021 à 14:54 (CET)

Bernard Edmond (1873-?) and Adolphe Belliard (1877-?)Modifier

Bonjoure! I am looking for any additional information (in particular, dates of death, places of death, references, etc) for these two persons. Both are mentioned in Depresle (1925), Anthologie des Ecrivains Ouvriers. Information is needed to create wikidata items for these two. Thank you! Henry Merrivale (discuter) 11 avril 2022 à 12:32 (CEST)

Hello @Henry Merrivale, I found this book that provides info on Adolphe Belliard : born in Nantes on October 4th 1877, oprhan at 7 years old (and the rest is not available). Skimel (discuter) 11 avril 2022 à 13:14 (CEST)
Belliard is also mentioned in the Dictionnaire Littéraire des écrivains d'expression populaire (2016) , with his birth date only (1877). Skimel (discuter) 11 avril 2022 à 13:17 (CEST)
Grand merci! Henry Merrivale (discuter) 12 avril 2022 à 02:40 (CEST).

Hoax articleModifier

Hello everyone. I wanted to bring to your attention the article Boe, l'elfe joueur de bowling, which constitutes a hoax. The user apparently created it in French Wikipedia after multiple failed attempts at adding hoax articles about animated films on the English edition, some of which were made with earlier user names. -- (discuter) 17 mai 2022 à 22:18 (CEST)

A month later, and nothing has happened. Just reminding you of this, hoping that someone would at least acknowledge it. --2001:999:50C:CD0E:3D42:D9CC:47E5:D9AD (discuter) 15 juin 2022 à 20:44 (CEST)
Thank you for your message!
I looked for some sources in order to check (none found as expected), and then asked for a quick suppression here. AnneJea (discuter) 15 juin 2022 à 22:40 (CEST)