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Kira MouratovaModifier

https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discussion:Kira_Mouratova Lire les dossiers sur les Ukrainiens est désagréable lorsque vous voyez les noms de l'occupation russe au lieu de vrais noms. L'Ukraine a cessé d'être une colonie de la Russie en 1991 Combien d'années avez-vous besoin d'être indépendant de la Russie pour que cette honte se termine dans Wikipedia --Bohdan Bondar (discuter) 1 février 2019 à 23:30 (CET)

Help with translation for an edit-a-thonModifier

Bounjour. I am running an edit-a-thon, and some users would like to add to the French Wikipedia. I need to set up a separate page, and would like the description to be in French. I don't speak French, but my friend helped me translate the description though she didn't know some of the Wikipedia-specific terms and phrases. Would someone please help check that the translation makes sense? The English and French are below.


Les Nations unies ont déclaré 2019 Année internationale des langues autochtones (IYIL2019). Des articles de Wikipédia arrivent en premier dans les résultats de recherche pour la plupart des langues, mais beaucoup de ces articles sont incomplets, dépassés, manquent de références ou ne mentionnent pas les efforts actuels de revitalisation. En tant qu'universitaires, nous pouvons utiliser notre accès aux bibliothèques universitaires et notre expérience avec les sources savantes pour améliorer la connaissance du public des langues plus petites au moment même où les gens recherchent plus d’informations à leur sujet. Aucun edit-a-thon physique n’est prévu pour Wikipédia en français, mais les personnes intéressées peuvent s’inscrire à cet edit-a-thon à distance pour suivre leurs modifications sur ce projet.


The United Nations has declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL2019). Wikipedia articles are the top search results for most languages, and yet many of these articles are incomplete, out of date, have few or no citations, or don't mention active revitalization efforts. As academics, we can use our access to university libraries and training with scholarly sources to improve public knowledge of smaller languages at the exact moment that people are searching for more information about them. No in-person edit-a-thon is planned for the French Wikipedia, but those interested can sign up for this remote edit-a-thon to track their changes on that project.

Merci! Wugapodes (discuter) 13 février 2019 à 20:54 (CET)

Hi Wugapodes,
I reviewed the translation by making changes directly in the text above.
Orlodrim (discuter) 13 février 2019 à 21:26 (CET)

Thymoleptique / AntidépresseurModifier

English language sources overwhelmingly regard thymoleptic as a synonym for antidepressant (antidépresseur/d:Q76560) (though see the somewhat different definition here). However, the stub at Thymoleptique seems to indicate that there may be a different definition for the French term.

Can anyone help clarify the meaning of Thymoleptique (d:Q3526190) in French so I can edit the Wikidata properties accordingly?

Thank you, 23 avril 2019 à 23:27 (CEST)

Hi, I left a note on our medicine wikiproject. Regards, Comte0 (discuter) 23 avril 2019 à 23:44 (CEST)
The french term thymoleptique (with depressant effect, inhibit mood) is opposed to thymoanaleptique (with antidepressant effect; stimulate mood). They are not very frequent, probably because the second is too long, contracted in thymoleptique with confusions...--Pat VH (discuter) 1 mai 2019 à 13:08 (CEST)

Request for translation and continued maintenance of a Meta page: Wikimedia Community User Group Hong KongModifier

Hello, guys,

I am WhisperToMe, a strategy coordinator for meta:Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong. In an effort to increase participation from expatriate communities in the Pearl River Delta region, I am looking for Wikimedians interested in maintaining translations of the user group's pages in French. If there are speakers interested in not only creating a translation of the page, but also continually maintaining it as changes are made, please give me a ping. I think this would be very useful for the Francophone communities of Hong Kong and the region.

Happy editing, WhisperToMe (discuter) 1 mai 2019 à 11:52 (CEST)

Questions about File:1911 Ottoman Calendar.jpgModifier

In File:1911 Ottoman Calendar.jpg I notice a French section in this Ottoman Empire calendar. I wonder about the meanings of:

  • "D. Q. com le 21" - I have no idea
  • "Midi à la Turq. 5.11" - I'm guessing 5:11 PM was the Turkish cultural noontime?
  • "Level du Soleil: 5.17" - Sunrise
  • "Coucher: 6.42" - Sunset at 6:42
  • "12 h. à la Turque: 6.49" - Turkish cultural midnight/bedtime???

Thanks, WhisperToMe (discuter) 20 juin 2019 à 06:29 (CEST)

D. Q. com le 21 = dernier quartier commençant le 21.
For the two expressions with "à la Turque", I have no idea.
Orlodrim (discuter) 20 juin 2019 à 07:57 (CEST)
Thank you so much for the info! A Greek man transcribed the adjacent Greek text, so it seems to be "Midnight Turkish-style" and "Noon Turkish-style". I'm guessing the Turks adhered to a different culture. I went ahead and added annotations in French to some of these, so feel free to check! WhisperToMe (discuter) 21 juin 2019 à 07:54 (CEST)