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This is a discussion page specially designed for people who do not speak French to discuss anything related to the French Wikipedia. You can also request assistance here. Messages can be added in any language including French, although relatively few contributors to French Wikipedia are fluent in languages other than French and English.

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Already done my translation from enwiki of Super Mario World

Let's get it to AdQ! Grandmaster Huon (discuter) 16 septembre 2023 à 07:26 (CEST)Répondre

Thita Rangsitpol Manitkul

1)Discussion:Thita Manitkul/Admissibilité

2) Élection du gouverneur de Bangkok de 2022

3) 2403:6200:89A7:D762:8D10:E399:F008:FADB (discuter) 16 novembre 2023 à 18:50 (CET)Répondre

Hello, User:Pcheetpcheet is suspected of paid editing. For more information, see en:WP:COIN#Paid editing agency. Please review the article they created and delete it if you think it breaks any policies. Janhrach (discuter) 29 décembre 2023 à 16:13 (CET)Répondre

Thanks. NB their contributions are not recent Spécial:Contributions/Pcheetpcheet --Lewisiscrazy (discuter) 29 décembre 2023 à 16:50 (CET)Répondre
Update: I haven't noticed the user didn't create the article, but their contributions should be checked nonetheless. Janhrach (discuter) 29 décembre 2023 à 22:09 (CET)Répondre

Gilles Dyan

The article Gilles Dyan has a cleanup tag due to poor sourcing, I have written a biography in English (with my CoI declared on its talk page), which has better sources: en:Gilles Dyan. Perhaps someone would like to make use of those sources? Pigsonthewing (discuter) 30 avril 2024 à 14:53 (CEST)Répondre

Hi   Pigsonthewing. Thanks, I've used some of the sources on the English Wikipedia article. I've also searched for and used some sources in French. That's better now. King regards, — Antimuonium U wanna talk? 30 avril 2024 à 21:16 (CEST)Répondre

How do I naturally explain that somone was the first chiropractor in Canada, but was also a woman?

It is pretty easy to explain in english because the words are not gendered, but in French with this article Joshua Norman Haldeman I want to explain that his mother was the first chiropractor in Canada, and there were no male chiropractors who came before her. Is there an easy way to say this in a single sentence? Immanuelle (discuter) 3 mai 2024 à 04:42 (CEST)Répondre

It's a bit tricky indeed. One could assume that if there were male chiropractors before her, but no females, the sentence would highlight this by saying "la première femme chiropraticienne", but this reasoning still leaves some doubt.
By the way, I'd write "au Canada" instead of "canadienne", because she could be a Canadian practicing abroad. Regards — Vega (discuter) 3 mai 2024 à 13:31 (CEST)Répondre
"La première personne à exercer la chiropraxie au Canada" ? — Mwarf (d) 3 mai 2024 à 15:22 (CEST)Répondre
If the idea is to focus on Haldeman's mom's activity, I would go with « Sa mère est la première personne à exercer la chiropraxie au Canada » ("His mother was the first person to practice chiropractie in Canada").
Also, French Wikipedia writes articles in present tense, not past tense. :)
Trizek bla 3 mai 2024 à 17:15 (CEST)Répondre
Yes, « première personne » is a better phrasing, thanks. — Vega (discuter) 3 mai 2024 à 23:47 (CEST)Répondre