The Platinum Collection (album de Phil Collins)

coffret de compilation de Phil Collins

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The Platinum Collection est un coffret CD sorti le regroupant 3 albums de Phil Collins qui ont été classés en tête des ventes au Royaume-Uni ou aux États-Unis.

Disque 1 (Face Value)Modifier

  1. In the Air Tonight
  2. This Must Be Love
  3. Behind the Lines
  4. Roof Is Leaking
  5. Droned
  6. Hand in Hand
  7. I Missed Again
  8. You Know What I Mean
  9. I'm Not Moving
  10. If Leaving Me Is Easy
  11. Tomorrow Never Knows
  12. Thunder and Lightning

Disque 2 (No Jacket Required)Modifier

  1. Sussudio
  2. Only You Know and I Know
  3. Long Long Way to Go
  4. Don't Want to Know
  5. One More Night
  6. Don't Lose My Number
  7. Who Said I Would
  8. Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore
  9. Inside Out
  10. Take Me Home
  11. We Said Hello Goodbye

Disque 3 (...But Seriously)Modifier

  1. Hang in Long Enough
  2. That's Just the Way It Is
  3. Do You Remember?
  4. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
  5. Colours
  6. I Wish It Would Rain Down
  7. Another Day in Paradise
  8. Heat on the Street
  9. All of My Life
  10. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
  11. Father to Son
  12. Find a Way to My Heart