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Isaac Mayer Wise
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Isaac Mayer Wise, né le en Bohême et mort le à Cincinnati, est un rabbin réformé et essayiste américain.


  • "The History of the Israelitish Nation from Abraham to the Present Time," Albany, 1854;
  • "History of the first commonwealth of the Israelite," Cincinnati, 1860;
  • "The Essence of Judaism," Cincinnati, 1861;
  • "The Origin of Christianity, and a Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles," 1868;
  • "Judaism, Its Doctrines and Duties," 1872;
  • "The Martyrdom of Jesus of Nazareth: a Historico-Critical Treatise on the Last Chapter of the Gospel," 1874;
  • "The Cosmic God," 1876;
  • "History of the Hebrews' Second Commonwealth," 1880;
  • "Judaism and Christianity, Their Agreements and Disagreements," 1883;
  • "A Defense of Judaism vs. Proselytizing Christianity," 1889;
  • "Pronaos to Holy Writ," 1891.
  • "The Convert," 1854;
  • "The Catastrophe of Eger,"
  • "The Shoemaker's Family,"
  • "Resignation and Fidelity, or Life and Romance,"
  • "Romance, Philosophy, and Cabalah, or the Conflagration in Frankfort-on-the-Main," 1855;
  • "The Last Struggle of the Nation," 1856;
  • "The Combat of the People, or Hillel and Herod," 1858;
  • "The First of the Maccabees."
  • "Die Juden von Landshuth";
  • "Der Rothkopf, oder des Schulmeisters Tochter";
  • "Baruch und Sein Ideal."

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