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La Grande médaille d'or des explorations est une récompense décernée depuis 1829 par la Société de géographie de France pour les voyages dont les résultats ont accru les connaissances géographiques.


Year Recipient Reason
2007 Jean Raspail for the sum of his work
2006 Erik Orsenna for the sum of his work, Salut au Grand Sud and Voyages aux Pays du Coton
2005 Jean-Marc Pineau for having retraced on foot the journey of René Caillié and his account of the journey Sur les pas de René Caillié
2004 Gilles Elkaim for his Arctic expedition of 2000-2004
2003 Nicolas Hulot for his expeditions, his television programs and his works
2002 Jean-Yves Empereur for his archaeological discoveries in Egypt, notably in the port of Alexandria (underwater archaeology)
2001 Yann Arthus-Bertrand for the sum of his photographic work
1999 Georges Pernoud for his television series Thalassa
1998 Patrice Franceschi for his New Guinea expedition
1991 Jean-Louis Étienne for his transantarctic expedition
1979 Norbert Casteret for Speleology
1977 Germaine Dieterlen for Ethnology, especially the black civilisations (Dogon, Molinké and Bambara)
1970 Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins for the first landing on the moon
1958 Vivian Fuchs for the first transantarctic expedition and complete crossing of the continent
1957 Henri Lhote for his travel and archaeological work in the Sahara
1955 John Hunt, Baron Hunt, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay for the first ascent of Mount Everest
1954 Georges Houot and Pierre Willm for the first dive into the deep ocean in a Bathyscaphe
1953 Augustin Lombard for his study trip up Mount Everest
1952 Théodore Monod for expeditions and studies in Africa
1950 French expedition to the Himalayas and Maurice Herzog for the first ascent of Annapurna
1939 Alexander Hamilton Rice for his exploration of the Amazon Basin
1933 Georges-Marie Haardt and Louis Audoin-Dubreuil for the Citroën Expedition to Central Asia, 1931-1932
1932 Wickliffe Preston Draper for the Augiéras-Draper Expedition (Southern Sahara), 1927-1928
1929 Ahmed Hassanein and Prince Kamal el Dine Hussein for their exploration of the eastern Sahara
1928 Jacques de Rohan-Chabot for exploration in Angola
1927 Charles Lindbergh for the first crossing of the Atlantic by aeroplane
1925 Baron Adrien de Guerlache de Gomery for the Belgian Antarctic Expedition 1897-1899 and 1905-07-09
1924 Bruneau de Laborie for the journey from Cameroon to Cairo via Lake Tchad and the Libyan desert
1924 Ole Olufsen for his journey to the French Sahara
1923 Rosita Forbes for her exploration of the Kufra oasis
1923 Sir Aurel Stein for explorations in central Asia
1922 Charles Granville Bruce for the Everest Expedition of 1922
1922 Charles Howard-Bury for the Everest Expedition of 1921
1918 Jean Tilho for the expedition to central Africa
1914 Admiral Robert E. Peary for the discovery of the North Pole
1913 Raoul Amundsen for the discovery of the South Pole
1912 Jean-Baptiste Charcot for his Antarctic expeditions
1910 Sir Ernest Shackleton for exploration of Antarctica
1907 Colonel Robert Emile Bourgeois fir his geodesic expedition at the Equator
1904 Sven Hedin for his explorations in central Asia, 1894-1902
1903 Auguste Pavie for his exploration of Indo-China, 1879-1895
1902 Captain Paul-Jules Joalland for the (Joalland-Meynier) expedition to central Africa, 1899-1901
1901 Fernand Foureau for the (Foureau-Lamy) trans-Sahara expedition, 1898-1900
1900 Jean-Baptiste Marchand for the Congo-Nile expedition, 1896-1899
1899 Emile Gentil for exploration in Africa, from the Congo to Chad, 1895-1898
1898 Édouard Foà for his crossing of equatorial Africa, 1894-1897
1897 Fridtjof Nansen for his crossing of the Arctic Sea, 1893-1896
1896 Prince Henri of Orléans for his journey from the Gulf of Tonkin to the Gulf of Bombay, 1895
1893 Parfait-Louis Monteil for his journey from Senegal to Tripoli via Chad
1891 Gabriel Bonvalot for his journey from Siberia to Tonkin via Tibet
1890 Captain Louis Gustave Binger for his journey of exploration from the Upper Niger to the Gulf of Guinea
1886 Hermenegildo de Brito Capelo for his journey across southern Africa
1884 Alphonse Milne-Edwards for underwater surveying and dredging from the ships Travailleur and Talisman
1881 Major Alexandre de Serpa Pinto for his journey across Africa
1880 Adolf Nordenskjold The North-west Passage
1879 Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza for his exploration of the Upper Ogoue
1878 Henry Morton Stanley for his journey across equatorial Africa
1877 Verney Lovett Cameron for his journey across equatorial Africa
1876 Gustav Nachtigal for his journey across central Africa
1872 Alfred Grandidier for his exploration of Madagascar
1869 Ernest Doudart de Lagrée and Francis Garnier for their exploration of Indo-China
1867 Sir Samuel White Baker for his journey in equatorial Africa
1864 Henri Duveyrier for his exploration of the Algerian Sahara and the country of the Touareg
1861 Nicolas de Khanikof for his exploration of the Khorassan
1860 Richard Francis Burton and John Hanning Speke for their exploration of the great lakes of east Africa
1859 Hermann, Robert and Adolf von Schlagintweit for their explorations in Tibet and Turkestan
1858 Elisha Kent Kane for his journey to the Arctic regions
1857 David Livingstone for his journeys across southern Africa
1856 Henry Barth for his journey to Timbuktu
1855 Captain Robert McClure for discovering the North-west Passage
1850 Antoine and Arnaud-Michel d'Abbadie for their journey in Abyssinia
1847 Ludwig Leichhardt for his journey in Australia
Rochet d’Héricourt for his journey in Choa
1846 Charles Tilstone Beke and Theophile Lefebvre for their journey in Abyssinia (medal returned by Beke)
1845 Claude Gay for his journey to Chile
Pierre Victor Ferret and Joseph Galinier for their journey in Abyssinia
1844 Xavier Hommaire de Hell for his voyage on the Caspian Sea
Joseph-Pons d'Arnaud for his journey towards the source of the White Nile
1843 James Clark Ross for his discoveries in the Antarctic seas
1841 Rear-admiral Dumont d’Urville for his voyage to the South Pole and Oceania
1838 Dubois de Montpereux for his journey in the Caucasus region
1837 Captain George Back for his voyages in the Arctic region
1836 Captain Camille Callier for his journeys in the Orient (Middle East)
1835 Alcide Dessalines d'Orbigny for his journeys in southern America
1834 Captain John Ross for his voyages in the Polar seas
1832 Jean Baptiste Douville for his journey to the Congo and in equatorial Africa
1830 René Caillié and Major Alexander Gordon Laing for their journey to Timbuktu
1829 Captain John Franklin for his voyage to the polar region