Gordon A. Craig

historien américain

Gordon A. Craig, né le et décédé le , est un historien américain. Né en Écosse, il émigre avec sa famille en 1925 aux États-Unis ; il devient ensuite citoyen américain.


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  • (en) The Second Chance: America And The Peace,
  • (en) edited with Felix Gilbert, The Diplomats 1919—1939,
  • (en) The Politics of the Prussian Army 1640—1945, (published in revised edition, 1964)
  • (en) From Bismarck to Adenauer: Aspects of German Statecraft,
  • (en) The Battle of Königgrätz: Prussia's Victory Over Austria, 1866, (published in revised edition, 1975)
  • (en) War, Politics, And Diplomacy,
  • (en) World War I, A Turning Point In Modern History: Essays On The Significance Of The War,
  • (en) Europe Since 1914,
  • (en) Europe Since 1815,
  • (en) Germany, 1866-1945, (a volume in the Oxford History of Modern Europe series)
  • (en) 'On the nature of diplomatic history: The relevance of some old books', in Diplomacy : new approaches in history, theory and policy ed. Paul Gordon Lauren (New York: Free Press, 1979). - p.21-42,
  • (en) The Germans,
  • (en) The End Of Prussia,
  • (en) edited with Peter Paret, Makers Of Modern Strategy: From Machiavelli To The Nuclear Age,
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  • (en) Force And Statecraft: Diplomatic Problems Of Our Time,
  • (en) Geneva, Zurich, Basel: History, Culture & National Identity,
  • (en) edited with Francis L. Loewenheim, The Diplomats, 1939-1979,
  • (en) The Politics Of The Unpolitical: German Writers And The Problem Of Power, 1770-1871,
  • (en) Politics And Culture In Modern Germany,
  • (en) Theodor Fontane: Literature and History in the Bismarck Reich,

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