Films américains sortis en 1927

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Liste (non exhaustive) de films américains sortis en 1927.

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Titre Réalisateur Distribution Genre Notes
All Aboard Charles Hines Johnny Hines, Edna Murphy Comédie
Altars of Desire Christy Cabanne Mae Murray, Conway Tearle Drame
The American J. Stuart Blackton Bessie Love, Charles Ray Western
Ankles Preferred John G. Blystone Madge Bellamy, Barry Norton, Allan Forrest Comédie
Annie Laurie John Stuart Robertson Lillian Gish, Creighton Hale, Norman Kerry Mélodrame
The Bachelor's Baby Frank R. Strayer Helene Chadwick et Harry Myers Comédie
The Beloved Rogue Alan Crosland John Barrymore, Marceline Day, Conrad Veidt
Birds of Prey William James Craft Priscilla Dean et Gustav von Seyffertitz
Bitter Apples Harry O. Hoyt Myrna Loy, Monte Blue Drame
Broadway Nights Joe Boyle Sam Hardy, Lois Wilson, Barbara Stanwyck Mélodrame
The Broncho Sister Orville O. Dull Tom Mix, Helene Costello Western
California W.S. Van Dyke Tim McCoy, Dorothy Sebastian, Marc McDermott Western
Captain Salvation John Stuart Robertson Lars Hanson, Marceline Day, Pauline Starke Drame
The Cat and the Canary Paul Leni Laura La Plante, Forrest Stanley, Creighton Hale Comédie, horreur, détective
Chain Lightning (film) (en) Lambert Hillyer Buck Jones, William Welsh Western
Cheating Cheaters Edward Laemmle Betty Compson et Kenneth Harlan Comédie
Chicago Cecil B. DeMille Phyllis Haver, Victor Varconi, Julia Faye Comédie dramatique
Children of Divorce Frank Lloyd Clara Bow, Esther Ralston, Gary Cooper Drame
The Chinese Parrot Paul Leni Marian Nixon, Hobart Bosworth, Florence Turner Film à énigme
College James W. Horne Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall, Harold Goodwin Comédie romantique
Come to My House Alfred E. Green Olive Borden, Antonio Moreno, Doris Lloyd Drame
Convoy Lothar Mendes Lowell Sherman, Dorothy Mackaill, William Collier Jr. Drame
The Denver Dude B. Reeves Eason Hoot Gibson, Blanche Mehaffey, Glenn Tryon, Rolfe Sedan Western
The Devil Dancer Fred Niblo Gilda Gray, Clive Brook et Anna May Wong Drame
Don Mike Lloyd Ingraham Fred Thomson, Ruth Clifford, Noah Young Western
The Dove Roland West Norma Talmadge, Noah Beery, Gilbert Roland
Downhill Alfred Hitchcock Ivor Novello et Ian Hunter
The Drop Kick Millard Webb Richard Barthelmess, Barbara Kent, Brooks Benedict Drame
Evening Clothes Luther Reed Adolphe Menjou, Louise Brooks, Arnold Kent Comédie
The Fair Co-Ed Sam Wood Marion Davies, Johnny Mack Brown Comédie
The First Auto Roy Del Ruth Patsy Ruth Miller, Barney Oldfield, Russell Simpson
Fluttering Hearts James Parrott Charley Chase, Martha Sleeper, Eugene Pallette Comédie
For the Love of Mike Frank Capra Ben Lyon, Claudette Colbert, Ford Sterling Mélodrame
The Gaucho F. Richard Jones Douglas Fairbanks, Lupe Vélez Western
The Girl from Everywhere Edward F. Cline Carole Lombard, Daphne Pollard, Billy Bevan Comédie
The Girl from Rio Tom Terriss Walter Pidgeon, Carmel Myers, Richard Tucker Romance
Heroes of the Night Frank O'Connor Cullen Landis, Marian Nixon, Wheeler Oakman Comédie
Heroes of the Wild Harry S. Webb Jack Hoxie et Josephine Hill Western
Her Wild Oat Marshall Neilan Colleen Moore et Hallam Cooley Comédie
High School Hero David Butler Nick Stuart, Sally Phipps, Brandon Hurst Comédie
His First Flame Harry Edwards Harry Langdon et Natalie Kingston Comédie
His Greatest Bluff D.W. Griffith Harry Piel et Marlene Dietrich Comédie
The Honorable Mr. Buggs Fred Jackman Matt Moore, Anna May Wong, Oliver Hardy Comédie
Hula Victor Fleming Clara Bow, Clive Brook, Albert Gran
Husband Hunters (en) John G. Adolfi Mae Busch, Walter Hiers, Jean Arthur, Charles Delaney Comédie romantique
In Old Kentucky John M. Stahl James Murray, Helene Costello, Stepin Fetchit Drame
The Irresistible Lover William Beaudine Lois Moran, Norman Kerry, Gertrude Astor Comédie
It Clarence G. Badger Clara Bow et Antonio Moreno Comédie romantique
The Jazz Singer Alan Crosland Al Jolson, May McAvoy, Warner Oland Drame Premier long métrage sonore
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut William Reeves Easton Jackie Coogan, Harry Carey Comédie
Le Petit Frère Ted Wilde, J.A. Howe, Lewis Milestone Harold Lloyd et Jobyna Ralston Comédie
The King of Kings Cecil B. DeMille H. B. Warner, Dorothy Cumming, Joseph Schildkraut Drame biblique
The Lady in Ermine James Flood Corinne Griffith, Francis X. Bushman Drame romantique
Let It Rain Edward F. Cline Douglas MacLean, Shirley Mason, Boris Karloff Comédie
The Life of Riley William Beaudine June Marlowe, George Sidney, Chuck Murray Comédie
Little Mickey Grogan James Leo Meehan Frankie Darro, Jobyna Ralston Comédie
The Lodger Alfred Hitchcock Ivor Novello et June Tripp Drame
London After Midnight Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Marceline Day, Conrad Nagel Thriller Film perdu
Long Pants Frank Capra Harry Langdon, Gladys Brockwell, Alan Roscoe Comédie
Love Edmund Goulding Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, George Fawcett Mélodrame
Lovers John M. Stahl Ramon Novarro, Alice Terry, Edward Connelly Mélodrame
The Love Mart George Fitzmaurice Billie Dove, Gilbert Roland, Noah Beery Drame
The Love of Sunya Albert Parker Gloria Swanson, John Boles, Anders Randolf Drame
The Loves of Carmen Raoul Walsh Dolores del Río, Victor McLaglen, Don Alvarado Film d'amour
Madame Pompadour Herbert Wilcox Dorothy Gish, Antonio Moreno Drame biblique
The Magic Flame Henry King Ronald Colman, Vilma Bánky, Gustav von Seyffertitz Comédie dramatique
Man, Woman and Sin Monta Bell Jeanne Eagels, Charles K. French, John Gilbert Drame
Mockery Benjamin Christensen Lon Chaney, Barbara Bedford, Ricardo Cortez Drame
Mother James Leo Meehan Crauford Kent, Belle Bennett, William Bakewell Drame
Mr.Wu William Nigh Lon Chaney, Renée Adorée, Holmes Herbert Drame
Mumsie Gilbert M. Anderson Pauline Frederick, Herbert Marshall
My Best Girl Sam Taylor Mary Pickford, Mack Swain, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers Comédie romantique
My Friend from India E. Mason Hopper Franklin Pangborn, Elinor Fair, Jeanette Loff Comédie
Nevada John Waters Gary Cooper, William Powell, Thelma Todd Western
The Night Bride E. Mason Hopper Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford, Robert Edeson Comédie
Now We're in the Air Frank R. Strayer Wallace Beery, Louise Brooks, Raymond Hatton Comédie
No Place to Go Mervyn LeRoy Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes, Myrtle Stedman Romance
On Your Toes Fred C. Newmeyer Reginald Denny, Barbara Worth, Frank Hagney Comédie
One Woman to Another Frank Tuttle Florence Vidor, Theodore von Eltz, Hedda Hopper Comédie
Orchids and Ermine Alfred Santell Colleen Moore, Jack Mulhall, Alma Bennett, Mickey Rooney Comédie
The Outlaw Dog J.P. McGowan Rex Lease, Helen Foster, Spencer Bell
Paradise for Two Gregory La Cava Richard Dix, Betty Bronson, George Beranger Comédie romantique
The Patent Leather Kid Alfred Santell Richard Barthelmess, Molly O'Day, Matthew Betz Drame
Peaceful Oscar (en) Roscoe Arbuckle Lloyd Hamilton Comédie
The Potters Fred C. Newmeyer W.C. Fields, Mary Alden, Skeets Gallagher Comédie
The Price of Horror Edward H. Griffith Malcolm McGregor, Dorothy Revier Drame
The Private Life of Helen of Troy Alexander Korda Maria Corda, Lewis Stone, Ricardo Cortez
Quality Street Sidney Franklin Marion Davies, Helen Jerome Eddy Conrad Nagel
Red Clay (film, 1927) Ernst Laemmle William Desmond, Marceline Day Drame
The Red Mill Roscoe Arbuckle Marion Davies, Owen Moore, Louise Fazenda Comédie
Resurrection Edwin Carewe Dolores del Río, Rod La Rocque Drame
The Ring Alfred Hitchcock Carl Brisson, Tom Helmore, Lillian Hall-Davis Mélodrame
The Road to Romance John Stuart Robertson Ramón Novarro, Marceline Day Drame
Rookies Sam Wood Karl Dane, Tom O'Brien, George K. Arthur et Marceline Day Comédie
Rough House Rosie Frank R. Strayer Clara Bow, Reed Howes, John Miljan Comédie
The Sea Tiger John Francis Dillon Milton Sills, Mary Astor, Alice White Drame
Senorita Clarence G. Badger Bebe Daniels, William Powell et James Hall Comédie
Seventh Heaven Frank Borzage Janet Gaynor et Charles Farrell Film de guerre
Should Men Walk Home? Leo McCarey Mabel Normand, Creighton Hale, Oliver Hardy Comédie
Silk Stockings Wesley Ruggles Laura La Plante, John Harron, Heinie Conklin Comédie
Singed John Griffith Wray Blanche Sweet, Warner Baxter, Edgar Norton Drame
Slide, Kelly, Slide Edward Sedgwick William Haines, Sally O'Neil, Paul Kelly Comédie
Sorrell and Son Herbert Brenon H.B. Warner, Anna Q. Nilsson, Nils Asther Drame
Soft Cushions Edward F. Cline Douglas MacLean, Sue Carol, Wade Boteler Comédie
Special Delivery Roscoe Arbuckle Eddie Cantor, Jobyna Ralston et William Powell Comédie
The Spotlight Frank Tuttle Neil Hamilton, Esther Ralston, Arlette Marchal Comédie
Spring Fever Edward Sedgwick William Haines, Joan Crawford, Edward Earle Film d'amour
Spuds Edward Ludwig Larry Semon, Dorothy Dwan, Edward Hearn Comédie
Spurs and Saddles Cliff Smith Art Acord, Fay Wray, Monte Montague Western
Stage Madness Victor Schertzinger Virginia Valli, Tullio Carminati, Lou Tellegen Drame
The Stolen Bride Alexander Korda Billie Dove, Lloyd Hughes, Armand Kaliz Drame
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg Ernst Lubitsch Ramón Novarro et Norma Shearer Comédie dramatique
Sunrise Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingston, et Jane Winton Mélodrame
Surrender Edward Sloman Mary Philbin, Ivan Mosjoukine, Otto Matieson Romance
The Swell-Head Gilbert M. Anderson Ralph Graves, Johnnie Walker, Eugenia Gilbert Drame
Taxi! Taxi! Melville W. Brown Edward Everett Horton, Marian Nixon, Edward Martindel Comédie
The Tender Hour George Fitzmaurice Billie Dove, Ben Lyon, Montagu Love Romance
The Tigress George B. Seitz Jack Holt et Dorothy Revier Drame
Too Many Crooks Fred C. Newmeyer Lloyd Hughes, Mildred Davis, El Brendel Comédie
Tracked by the Police Ray Enright Jason Robards Sr., Virginia Brown Faire, Tom Santschi
Twelve Miles Out Jack Conway John Gilbert, Joan Crawford, Ernest Torrence Film d'aventure
Two Arabian Knights Lewis Milestone William Boyd, Mary Astor, Louis Wolheim Comédie
Two Flaming Youths John Waters W.C. Fields, Mary Brian, Chester Conklin Comédie
Uncle's Tom Cabin Harry A. Pollard Arthur Edmund Carewe, Margarita Fischer, James B. Lowe
Underworld Josef von Sternberg George Bancroft, Evelyn Brent, Clive Brook Film policier
The Unknown Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford et Norman Kerry Film d'horreur
Venus of Venice Marshall Neilan Constance Talmadge, Antonio Moreno, Julanne Johnston Comédie romantique
The Way of All Flesh Victor Fleming Emil Jannings, Belle Bennett, Fred Kohler Mélodrame
Wedding Bills Erle C. Kenton Raymond Griffith, Iris Stuart, Edgar Kennedy Comédie
When a man Loves Alan Crosland John Barrymore, Dolores Costello Drame historique
White Gold William K. Howard Jetta Goudal, George Bancroft Western
Why Girls Love Sailors Fred Guiol Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy Comédie
Wings William A. Wellman Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen et Jobyna Ralston Film de guerre
The Wise Wife E. Mason Hopper Phyllis Haver, Tom Moore, Jacqueline Logan Comédie
The Wizard Richard Rosson Edmund Lowe, Leila Hyams, Barry Norton
Women Love Diamonds Edmund Goulding Lionel Barrymore, Pauline Starke, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Mélodrame

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